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Not only quick and easy, you can also prepare payroll in advance and have Payroll Manager® “warehouse” the payroll until it is time to make the employee credit transfers. Once you have established your employee records and payroll information, it is kept “on file” and is available for processing payroll and maintaining accurate records. Payroll Manager® will generate “pay stubs” for your employees that will include a current payroll statement of earnings and deductions, as well as year-to-date totals.



Using the Payroll Manager® , employers now have a safe, secure and convenient way to direct-deposit payroll and eliminate the cost and inconvenience of handling paper checks to meet payroll demands. Payroll Manager® can be set up to transfer funds needed for these deposits from your General Funds checking account into your Payroll checking account. It can also be set up to automatically make deposits for 940, 941, and 943 taxes, resulting in a debit to your Payroll checking account. Through the ETA (Electronic Transfer Account) system, monies can be transferred from one account to another, thus eliminating making a “run to the bank” to transfer money for payroll expenditures.



Payroll Manager® has made handling employee deductions more efficient and less mind-boggling. We can help you with dependent health care deductions, cafeteria plans, 401(k), and other retirement plans. For example, using our “Retirement Plan Report,” Payroll Manager® can help you calculate the amount of funds you need to transfer to a 401(k) or retirement plan, as a submittal report to your retirement plan administrator, or to reconcile reports received from your plan administrator. The report prints employee contributions and calculates company contributions, making the process much simpler.



Once you have established your employee records and payroll information, they are kept “on file” and are available for processing payroll and maintaining accurate records. Preparing federal and state quarterly reports is simple using Payroll Manager® . You don't have to stop processing payroll and “close out your books” to prepare a quarterly report just ending. The totals and figures printed on these reports are totals reflected by the “Date as of” date, and you will also be able to print reports for previous quarters. You can use these reports for state filings of state taxes and unemployment contributions as well.

Using the “MTD, QTD, YTD Register,” you can print a register by department of each employee, showing that employee's month-to-date, quarter-to-date, and year-to-date earnings and withholdings. If you miss printing a report on a timely basis, that report can be printed later, appearing exactly like it would have if printed earlier. “Payroll History Report” is just that—a report that prints payroll history (payment transactions) for one or all employees. This report is a concise and easy way for someone to review overall payroll transactions after they have been made.

Payroll Manager® can also help you with year-end reporting, including W-2 forms. Payroll Manager® generates a substitute W-2 form printed on plain paper using laser printers—no need for federal-issued standard W-2 forms. These forms can be used for your employee's needs and state and local tax departments needs. We will help you generate these substitute forms to hand out to your employees, and the payroll system will automatically file the W-2s electronically with the IRS.

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